Our exclusive Trade department in the UK efficiently handles thousands of commercial transactions across the globe every year. Our vast network of branches, associates, subsidiaries and correspondents – both in India and around the world – means that we’re ideally positioned to handle all your trade-finance requirement.

  • Our services
    for trade

  • Letters of Credit

    Issue, advising,
    assignment, transfer.

  • Bill Negotiation

    Backed by
    letters of credit.

  • Bill Collection

    Export and import bills, backed by letters of credit or not backed by letter or credit.

  • Bill Discounting

    Backed by letters
    of credit.

  • Buyers Credit

    For imports into India (in GBP, USD, EUR currencies), at competitive rates, against LOU issued by the importer’s bank.

  • Export Credit Finance

    Against export credit

  • Risk Participation

    Funded and unfunded, through our secondary Trade Risk Distribution and Participation desk.

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