Deposit Products

Corporate Deposit

Bank of Baroda UK Operations offers a range of deposit accounts tailored to suit different needs.

You can choose from our various deposit plans - Current, and Fixed Deposit depending on the term period, nature of deposit and its unique saving and withdrawal features.

Apart from competitive interest rates and convenient withdrawal options, our deposit plans offer other features such as free Net Banking – a view based transaction and balance viewing facility on Internet and free Debit Card.

Current Account

Current Deposits is ideal for firm, companies, institutions, individuals etc., who need frequent banking facility. This is one of the most basic and flexible deposit options.

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Fixed Deposits

Ideal to earn higher rate of interest, if you can spare money for a specified period of time. The period ranges from one month to 60 months as decided by the Depositor. This deposit plan offer convenient solutions to both working individuals as well as senior citizens. These products facilitate you to enjoy security and competitive rates of interest on your deposits.

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